2023 JPN Pokémon Snow Hazard sv2p Booster Pack (1X STREAM PACK)


1x pack of Japanese Snow Hazard sv2p from Pokémon TCG.

Buy in increments of 30 packs for an entire box.

Packs purchased will be opened by Nalter on the following live stream on YouTube, typically around 7PM CST.  They will be shipped directly to you once they have been opened. Cards will be opened and shipped regardless of if you are watching the live stream.

All holos/full-arts and notable reverse-holos will be put in penny sleeves. All notable holos/full-arts will be put in top loaders. All cards will be shipped via USPS in protected mailing to ensure product is shipped safely. The empty packs will not be included. Shipping will take place approximately 3-4 days after packs have been opened.

Pack artwork may vary.

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