The following list is comprised of all persons that have ever become a "GOAT" tier member of NalterDeeds' YouTube channel. The names on this list have been GOAT'ed by Nalter himself and have played a huge role in supporting his channel. They will forever be remembered.

How to become a GOAT

  1. VelocityVIP
  2. Business Optimizer
  3. Anthony Swenson - "I'm a GOAT meow."
  4. Chef Dinosaur - "I'm a dinosaur roar."
  5. Jacob Pipers - "The Pokémon trainer from down under."
  6. Summer Ingram - "Pokemon is about the adventure, you win some you lose some, never give up."
  7. Alejandro Gerov - "Alekazam."
  8. Eduardo Dabas
  9. Spadey - " There is a method to my madness "