Due to the nature of stream packs/pack openings, I offer the ability for people to not immediately pay for shipping when they place an order on all streamed pack/box break/ripped pack related orders. This is due to buyers wanting to place multiple orders without wanting to pay for shipping each time.

You can either pay for shipping at checkout OR you can select DO NOT SHIP/HOLD MY CARDS until you are ready for me to send all of your orders together at once. I will hold your cards for up to one month.

If you have already placed an order, but have not paid for shipping yet, you can purchase shipping by purchasing this product and your cards will be shipped out on the following Monday. Cards will not be shipped to you until you have purchased shipping or earned free shipping in one way or another.

When selecting your shipping via this product, please make sure to pay for the right option. Choose your shipping option based on how many total packs you have purchased across all orders since your last shipment of cards.

You do NOT need to purchase this if you have already paid for shipping via another order or if you have earned free shipping through the rewards program.

This shipping only covers US/domestic shipping. International shipping will be automatically calculated when buying other products on my site for those outside of the United States.

Your cards will be shipped to the shipping address on your last order unless otherwise specified.

If you want to split and send your orders to multiple addresses, you will need to pay for shipping for each address.

If you don't know if you have paid for shipping, please check your email order confirmation as it will be listed there or reach out to business@nalterdeeds.com for clarification.